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Snow Clearing

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We provide snow clearing and salt brine spray

services for both residential and commercial properties.


We can create a customized snow clearing package to fit your needs.


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Our Competitive Pricing

Langdon, Alberta

Chestermere, Alberta

If it snows, we'll be there! La Niña can't bring too much snow for us!

*Machinery used in Langdon for basic driveway only clearing will not clear closer than 8-12 inches from any obstruction and from garage doors for safety. This will leave narrow remnants of snow behind which you will be responsible to clear. If these areas need to be cleared as part of your package, please upgrade to include shoveling service.

*For insurance reasons, we don't offer residential salting. If you would like us to supply salt for your use, please contact us on an as-needed basis.

pricing for Chestermere 2020-2021

5% discount on total cost if you prepay for the 6 months from November 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021.

When you are signed up for all six months, we clear snow for the entire winter.

Average Langdon driveway 2-3 cars wide, 1-2 cars long $47.50 per month

Oversized Langdon driveway please contact us for a free quote price TBD

Shoveling service shoveling of main entry, garage doors, and street sidewalk $55 per month

Neighbour discount for shared laneway -$5 per month

On-demand sidewalk service pre-arranged one-time service $25 per clear

On- demand driveway service pre-arranged one-time service $25 per clear

Chestermere basix backage $150 per month

Please contact us for a custom quote



pricing for Langdon 2020-2021
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